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Feedback from some of the lovely families I've worked with

Testimonials: Testimonial
Edie newborn pic.jpg

I was so much more educated on what all these interventions really meant and to also trust and have confidence in my body and my baby to deliver on MY timeframe.

So a major major thank you to YOU, Jana. Your advice and the resources you gave me access to were pivotal to the incredible, unforgettable experience I had! I'm so proud and thankful for it!

Jane, mum of Edie

I really enjoyed the hands-on exercises - whether it was the breathing techniques, relaxation, light touch massage or birthing/labour positions - this was all very practical knowledge. It's not something you could know by reading. 

I feel a lot more empowered and have a lot more confidence in my body.

Jana is an excellent teacher and guide. I loved her approach and energy she brought to each class. She made us feel so comfortable.

Liz, mum of Joseph

I feel I have gained a lot of confidence and trust in my own 'natural' abilities as a woman to birth my baby. I have also developed a very special confidence in my birth partner - I feel happy we have discussed via the sessions our birth plan and feel there are elements we would never have discussed had we not taken the course.

I think Jana's passion for the course content and birth as a subject matter truly shone through - I think we all felt very inspired.


Katy, mum of Frankie

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I can't thank you enough for your knowledge and support as I prepared for the birth of Lola. The  practical advice and mindset around childbirth that you taught gave me a confidence in myself and in my body to walk through this process bravely and with faith that no matter what turns my birth took I have all the tools I need to handle it.


I'm so in love with Lola and am enjoying caring for my little girl; she has brought so much joy and love to our lives and we feel so lucky to have her.

Ilona, mum of Lola

I thought the course was brilliant - I loved the focus on how much the birth partner can help and it made my birth partner understand he doesn't need to feel like a spare part. The relaxation and breathing techniques were extremely useful. 

Jana was a brilliant teacher. She simplified everything to the extent necessary, without oversimplifying or diminishing the importance of each topic.

I came away feeling far less nervous about the hospital environment and for labour itself.

Natalie, mum of Joseph

I really benefited from the discussions and frequent reminders about how natural birth is and how well designed the female body is to give birth to a baby. Understanding what factors support or hinder this natural process and what we could do to influence this has given me huge confidence in my own capabilities and trust in my partner's ability to support me too.

The course content was brilliant and delivered with absolute professionalism but also with friendliness, openness and a lot of compassion. 

Carly, mum of Mae

newborn baby nate.jpeg

Thank you SO much for coming over this morning. I feel like a new person mentally and Nate is extremely satiated! I can’t even begin to explain how you changed the way I feel about feeding. You made me feel that it is possible to breastfeed Nate.

Natasha, mum of Nate

Dr Benjamin Spock

"Trust yourself. You know more than you think you do."

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Breastfeeding Workshop Feedback...

Simon and I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed your online session a couple of weeks ago. It was really fantastic, and you explained things in a way we hadn't heard before. It was very reassuring for us.

The session was informative, and so helpful for new parents-to-be. We lost some of the stress, and came away feeling empowered, and more confident thanks to you. The whole thing was very reassuring, and so well explained.

Thank you again - it really was terrific. 

Penelope W.

Your workshop covered all the concerns/ questions I had! I was worried from hearing people who said it was uncomfortable or that their baby wasn’t getting enough so they had to give up but it was great to know the signs and to understand the attachment and positioning that can help me in those early days to establish feeding. Even a reminder to have a note of who I can call for support if either of those things become an issue was really helpful! 

Thanks again for your time this morning- it was so informative! 

Steph M.

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