Resources and Recommendations

Local pregnancy and parenting-related services

As a parent and a childbirth educator, I'm familiar with a range of services and resources in the local area. Here are a few of my recommendations. Please note that this is all based on my personal views and those of people I have worked with. As with any service, please do inform yourself and take a look at the websites and reviews so that you can make up your own mind. 


Pregnancy Yoga

These sessions, taking place at the Royal Free Rec Centre, offer a holistic programme of breath work, postures, movement and relaxation suited to all stages of pregnancy, from 16 weeks onwards. Jay is lovely, warm and welcoming and her classes are hugely popular. Tuesdays: 6.20 - 7.35pm.



Pregnancy Yoga

Bec offers a range of yoga classes in West Hampstead. She teaches prenatal and postnatal sessions. Saturdays: 10.30 - 11.45am.

Bec Minor

This Is Yoga

Pregnancy Massage

Lovely gentle, relaxing prenatal massages in a welcoming setting in NW6. The perfect way to soothe any aches and pains while pregnant. Natasha also offers postnatal massage.


Sophie has specific expertise in working with women throughout their pregnancy, ensuring their body - in particular their pelvis - is functioning optimally to allow the best birth possible. She also practices and is trained in the Webster Technique. This is a specific sacral (pelvis) adjustment to help facilitate better pelvic alignment and nerve system function. This in turn balances pelvic muscles and ligaments, reducing torsion to the uterus. This technique can be very effective when a baby is in breech presentation.

Dr Sophie Rumbelow


Atlas Chiropractic

Postnatal fitness

Georgina and Danielle run popular outdoor bootcamp fitness classes for mums. The bonus is that you can bring your baby along while you workout. Sessions take place a few mornings per week, mainly in Fortune Green Park. These classes are motivating and energetic and a great way to meet other mums in the area.

Georgina Mackie and Danielle Blanchard

Fit my Life

Music classes for babies

Zip Zap offers sensory music and sensory classes at two locations in West Hampstead. The sessions always have a theme and they feature some nursery rhymes but also some more contemporary pop songs that parents will appreciate!

Music for babies and toddlers

This was always my favourite activity to do with my daughters when they were young. Old Time Nursery is a free session that takes place at Heath Street Baptist Church twice a week. Anywhere between 1-4 musicians, all playing a range of instruments (banjo, double bass, tin whistle, the spoons etc): great tunes for everyone to enjoy.

Newborn/Baby photography

Gorgeous, natural fine art quality photographs of your new baby. Rosalind takes the most beautiful, unstaged, documentary-style images and is accustomed to working in a child-led manner. She can provide digital prints or wonderful keepsake albums. 

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