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free online infant feeding workshop 
SUNDAY 11TH OCTOBER, 9.30-11.00am

I am offering a free online infant feeding session, primarily aimed at women who are currently pregnant. The aim of this workshop is to provide information, guidance and reassurance. The provision of breastfeeding support has changed massively due to the impact of Covid-19 and I would like to try to help families antenatally so that they can be as prepared as possible for their feeding journey after giving birth. 

Please note that this session is completely free: there is no catch. This forms part of the voluntary breastfeeding support that I have been offering on the postnatal ward at my local hospital and to families in my local area over the past few years. 



  • The mechanics of breastfeeding

  • Changes to breastmilk composition in the early days

  • Skin-to-skin impact and benefits

  • Responsive feeding

  • Feeding cues

  • Positioning and attachment

  • What to expect in the early hours and days

  • What to do in special circumstances

  • Paced bottle feeding

Please try to attend this session with the birth companion who will be with you when you have your baby: they can either watch the session alongside you or you can share the login details and they can watch remotely. 

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