Free 'Relaxation for Pregnancy' download 

I would love to offer you a free relaxation track as you prepare for the birth of your baby. This download is one of the central self-hypnosis tracks that I distribute to clients who undertake my hypnobirthing course.


As part of my commitment to offering valuable content to all birthing people, this 15-minute track is free and there are no expectations of you signing up for anything. During the past year, I have provided free resources (including infant feeding workshops, breastfeeding support and hypnobirthing guidance) as a small antidote to the impact of Covid-19 on the experience of pregnancy, labour and birth.

This track is specifically designed to instil confidence and self-belief in you, as you get ready to welcome your baby. By installing a key anchor phase into your unconscious mind, it enables you to access a deep state of relaxation each time the phrase is repeated. It is suitable for any birthing person and is applicable to all births. I hope it will provide a welcome space for rest and relaxation. 

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