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Birth Story - Dora

It's that time of the year when lots of birth stories start coming in! I was so happy to hear from Emily that she had her baby, Dora, a couple of weeks ago. Emily and Matt came along to a taster session and then booked onto the July group hypnobirthing course. They were such a nice couple to work with and Emily really took onboard all the strategies and practice. She read lots of additional books, sought out positive birth stories and did so much to ensure that she was prepared and informed. I think her story below is testament to the ways in which hypnobirthing can help with any scenarios that unfold. Please do have a read of her words: Our little girl Dora Ariadne arrived at 2.02am on the

Birth Story - Clara

My lovely friend, Rachel, shared her birth story with me. I should mention that she didn't attend one of my group hypnobirthing courses...mainly because she lives in Norway! But we did communicate throughout her pregnancy and I shared with her a bunch of resources, positive birth videos and suggestions. I also recommended a few online hypnobirthing aids which she used to practice and prepare for the birth of her sweet daughter. Her story shows how sometimes birth takes a turn that we don't expect but that doesn't preclude it being positive and empowering. Please do have a read and remember that I am always happy to provide information and guidance, regardless of whether you take a course wit


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