Hypnobirthing will give you the tools to approach the arrival of your baby with calmness and confidence.


Perhaps you're worried by the stories you've heard about other people's births? Or maybe you didn't feel prepared enough for your first birth? Are you overwhelmed by the information and advice you're being given by caregivers, family and friends? Hypnobirthing provides a way to transform your feelings about birth so that you are prepared, informed and knowledgeable. 


It is a complete, evidence-based antenatal education for expectant parents. The course is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and has been proven to have a positive impact on the experience of childbirth.

I have worked with over 60 families and have received 100% 5* feedback for the quality and depth of the course I teach. 


The course covers:

- The physiological processes involved in birth

- Breathing techniques that allow the body to work effectively

- Labour positions and massage techniques 

- Practical strategies for entering a deep state of relaxation 

- The power of visualisations and affirmations 

Courses currently take place online, via Zoom. Outside of Covid-19 restrictions, in-person group classes take place in West Hampstead. 

Online live courses now available to book

After giving birth to my third baby in late-December 2019, I'm excited to begin teaching group courses again. Click here to go straight to the booking page. 


Due to current circumstances with Covid-19, I am completely changing the way these courses are delivered. The sessions will be live online, via Zoom. Each course will consist of eight sessions of a relatively short duration (approx 1 1/2 hours each); this ensures that you are able to focus and take in the content, have time inbetween sessions for the learning to settle, and that you aren't exhausted after potentially already spending most of the day in front of your computer screen. The sessions will take place two evenings per week for four weeks.

The sessions will be interactive, informative and - as always - driven by scientific evidence. I am increasing the number of couples in each course to try to enable parents to get to know a larger community online. For some families, this will hopefully extend into in-person meetings when restrictions are lifted. For others who are further afield, it will create a virtual network of soon-to-be-parents to connect with. I have developed the content of the course to reflect the changing maternity landscape: there will be a section on how to navigate the potential impacts of Covid-19 and lots of additional time to recap the skills. 


I am a qualified hypnobirthing practitioner, trained in the RCM-accredited Marie Mongan method; the longest-running course offering training in using hypnosis in childbirth. I am also a passionate advocate for expectant parents. I believe that the key to having an empowering birth is to prepare and educate yourself. The more you know and understand how your body and your baby will work together, the more you can let go of fear and tension.



I will support you however you wish to give birth. Birth is birth. Whatever you opt for, the benefits of knowledge, relaxation and confidence will guarantee that your birth is filled with joy. I will give you tools and strategies to face any challenges or changes of plan with calmness and clarity. I will never tell you what to do but I will help you make the decisions that are right for you, your baby and your specific experience.



My approach is not rooted in a single ‘technique’. Alongside my training as a hypnobirthing instructor, I will also provide really practical, hands-on suggestions for labour positions, massage, communicating with health professionals, and looking after your newborn in those early days. I am a breastfeeding peer supporter (trained with the ABM) and I have extensive experience assisting new mums on the postnatal ward at my local hospital: As part of your hypnobirthing course, you will gain in-depth information about infant feeding. 



I live in London and I love working with local families. I teach in and around Camden; with a focus on Hampstead, West Hampstead and surrounding areas. I know these locations like the back of my hand so I can provide advice about hospitals, postnatal support and things to do with your new baby in north west London.



I love my job and I feel honoured to be able to support parents as they navigate the first of many decisions and choices they will make in how they nurture their family.

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why”

Mark Twain


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